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Travel handbag is our constant companion while we roam anywhere in the world. It plays a significant role because we tend to keep our immediate travel essentials in it. By keeping the handbag with us almost all the time, the chances of it getting lost are less.

A travel handbag is usually small in size and can be carried easily. Owing to its small size, it is better not to stuff it with all the things that we want. Therefore, here I have presented a list of 5 most essential travel items to keep in a travel handbag.

Travel Documents

While traveling anywhere, the documents related to travel are the most important ones. One should be very careful with passport, other Identity cards, insurance papers or cards, tickets, emergency contact number and important addresses. They are the number one among the travel essentials.


Nowadays, people prefer going cashless. But keeping a bit of cash can help you out when card usage facility is not available. So, be it your cash or your credit cards, both are important and hence they go in your handbag.

Health Items

Travelling overseas without your prescribed medicine may not be a wise decision. Certain medicines are not readily available in the other countries. It is, therefore, advisable to pack a few of your necessary medications and keep them in the handbag from where they are easily accessible.

Mobile, Laptop, and Charger

Carrying your gadgets like mobile phone along with the chargers in your handbag would be a good idea as your mobile is a crucial part of communication, hence it is always better to have it by your side.

Headphones or Books

books and music

Lastly, long flights can get tedious without anything to take your mind off. It would, therefore, prove beneficial to keep headphones for the music lovers or books for those who like to read. You can even check out these handpicked books which can keep you company during your travel here: Travel Books to Never Leave Home Without – Travel Reading

In conclusion, you should be ready with your travel handbag. With all the essential travel items in it, it can also serve as your emergency kit. While not in flight, you can even keep other small things like a water bottle, band-aids, safety pins and whatever you need the most.

Arpita Chanda

Arpita Chanda

Arpita Chanda is a content writer at Ajura. An avid traveller and writer, she likes to explore new places and experience exotic culture and traditions. Her interests include modern age technology which makes travelling safe and memorable. As a travel blogger, she presents related tips and information through her writings.
Arpita Chanda
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