Travel Tips: How to Pick the Right Travel Accommodation

Travel Accomodation

Before starting a trip, it requires lots of planning and one thing that requires special attention is choosing the right travel accommodation. Many travelers think that choosing the nearest travel accommodation to the airport might be the best option. However, this is a myth. Read the tips and know how to pick the right accommodation.


Hotels may be the easiest option but it is not always the best accommodation option. If you are travelling in a large group of friends or with family, you may struggle for space. Hotels can also make a hole in your pocket.

Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals are quite popular these days especially, if you are planning to stay for a long duration. Apart from cost advantage, Rental apartments offers more space and better amenities. You can also go for sublet rental apartments. Here, you need to only pay for a portion of the apartment.

Bed & Breakfast

Small lodging establishments, Bed & Breakfast provides breakfast and overnight accommodation. These are private family homes comprising rooms ranging from four to eleven. Cheaper than hotels, these rooms are more spacious and offers free breakfast to guest.


If you are looking for extremely cheap option, then go for hostels which have shared rooms and bunk beds. These beds can be either in a large hall and will have common bathrooms.


Another cheapest option for travelers who wants a home stay, Couchsurfing provides an option for travelers to stay as a guest to someone else home. The advantage of this type accommodation is that you have the option to make new friends and be a part of the global couch surfing community.

Although there are various option for travelers, it’s always better to do a research before choosing your accommodation.

Abhijeet Guha

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