Travel Tips-Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting China

Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting China

Before you plan your trip to China, it’s important for you to adhere to some useful tips to make your vacation enjoyable in the Asian country. Compared to many European countries, China is quite different in terms of culture and traditions, so some good knowledge about the country can prevent you from getting less cultural shocks. Let’s discuss what things to keep in mind while visiting china.

Internet Access in China

Many websites are not accessible in China including Facebook, Twitter and Google Mail, so you may find it bit difficult to remain in touch with your friends or business contacts. However, you can use a popular messaging app WeChat, which is quite similar to WhatsApp.

Trains in China

One of the most efficient ways of transportation to long distances, China train system boasts over 77,000 miles long railway, which includes high speed train network that connects more than 500 cities across the nation. However, if you are travelling during any peak time such as the Chinese New Year, its better to book your ticket in advance. You can book railway tickets from some registered online portals easily. There are number of choices available in terms of seats such as second/first/business class. If you are planning for an overnight trip, choose a soft sleeper.

Packing Your Luggage

China is a vast country with varied climatic conditions, so be prepared for both cold & warm weather. Places such as Yangshuo can be humid whereas visiting the Great Wall of China, you can experience a cool climate.

Language Barriers

This can be a quite challenging part as English is not common is China and you may come across people, who cannot speak a word of English. Mandarin is widely spoken in China, so if you can learn some basic phrases, you can find yourself at an ease. Download a Chinese dictionary app, that’s the best you can do.

Chinese Cuisines-What to Eat

If you are a Chinese food lover, you should fully utilize your stay in China, tasting some of the mouth-watering dishes. Try Dim Sum, Gong Bao Chicken and Peking Roasted Duck.

These are some of the important things to keep in mind while visiting China. Following these tips, you can make your trip to China Memorable.

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