Travel Tips when Travelling Alone


Whether you are on a business trip or travelling for leisure, you must follow certain travel guidelines if you are a solo traveler. Travelling alone can be fun as you can meet new people who are complete strangers and exchange thoughts. However, following certain useful tips can turn your travel safe and exciting indeed. Check the travel tips when travelling alone.

  • Although meeting stranger is a good experience but be self-reliant, so that you do not need to ask for any help to strangers.


  • Carry an updated map and guidebook of the country or location you are visiting, so that you can always refer to that while travelling. You can get a guidebook from any reputed book store of your country.


  • Making a research online before starting a trip can prevent you from getting unexpected surprises in a foreign land. Sufficient information is available online or on the govt. sites. You can also read reviews left by visitors on popular travel blogs.


  • Don’t travel with expensive things such as jewelry or family heirlooms. But for some reason if you are in terrible need of carrying them, never put those in luggage bags. It’s advisable to carry the same in handbags.


  • Carry only required cash and leave the same in your hotel room while visiting any tourist spot during your stay. In case you lose your wallet, you will always have the backup cash.


  • Never, consume alcohol in public places while traveling alone as anyone may take the advantage of your drunken status and may cause harm to you.


  • Go for a travel medical insurance which can be a money saver in case you become ill in a foreign land. Medical care can be expensive especially when you are not aware about the area and its budget hospitals. You can land up in a very costly medical care center and end up paying a huge bill.


  • Do not share your personal or financial details with any strangers to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of notorious elements. Maintain a safe distance with strangers and never accompany them to their home.


Following the above travel tips when travelling alone, you can remain safe while on your foreign trip.

Abhijeet Guha

Abhijeet is an active blogger with decent experience in the travel and tourism industry. He researches on various topics related to travel and pens down his thoughts in the form of articles & blogs. You can reach him at
  • Lily Jones

    Which would be a safer alternative? Keeping the passport at hotel or carrying it with oneself all along?

    • Ajura Editors Desk

      You should not carry your passport everywhere you go. However, keeping it at your hotel room ensuring that it is locked and safe seems to be a good idea. Hope that helps @Lilyjones101:disqus

      • Lily Jones

        Yes it does help. Thanks for sharing the information.

        • Ajura Editors Desk

          Good luck!

  • Nick Mathew

    Make your trip safe and secure with these easy tricks

    • Ajura Editors Desk

      Thank you @disqus_aGRag8ID1A:disqus

  • Traveling alone could be really dangerous while visiting some countries, thanks for the tips!

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