The Most Useful Mobile Photography Apps for 2019

Photography Apps

Photography Apps


Photography Apps are those applications that bring out the best of photos clicked through mobile phones. In today’s world, almost everyone has camera-equipped mobile phones. And to catch hold of the right moment forever, the constant companion, a mobile phone is useful in these situations. This is also the main reason behind the growing popularity of mobile photography. While many argue that DSLR cameras are the best devices for photography, the technological advancements in the field of mobile photography prove otherwise. A mobile phone is small, compact and user-friendly. There are features in a mobile phone which when implied properly can bring out great images which at times are even better than the DSLR clicked ones.



Mobile Photography

While phones of the present day already have a good quality camera, apps help to enhance the photos further. In today’s world simply clicking photos is not enough. It is the later part where photos undergo edits and then comes the final result. While clicking a photo, sometimes there is insufficient lighting or the phone camera simply fails to capture the true colour. The various apps like photo editor app, camera apps help in this aspect.  They help in the photo editing part and bring out vivid colours and help to balance them properly. A picture when edited properly depicts the perfect moment that it captured.



The Most Useful Apps

Mobile Photography Apps are the main tools that create the difference between a photo from a camera and a phone. Photography apps can be categorised into 3 categories:

  • Firstly, camera apps. These apps are those that help in taking the photo.
  • Secondly, the photo editing apps. These apps help to edit the photos and give them the desired outcome.
  • Thirdly, the creative apps. Through these apps, one can bring out their creative selves and transform photos to masterpieces.



Camera Apps

Some of the best camera apps that shows the true potential of mobile phone camera is:



Available for IOS exclusively, Camera+ has some basic photo adjustment tools, various filters, frame HDR settings and many more. The app offers the option of controlling focus and exposure points separately which results in the desired photos.



While Camera+ is for IOS only, Pro Shot fills the gap for Android. Both IOS and Android users can avail the benefit of this app. All auto programs and manual modes are present in this app. Pro-Shot lets the user control exposure, ISO and shutter speed. Similar to Camera+, this app also helps to separately set focus and exposure. Giving the user the ability to control many other aspects makes this app a unique one.



Editing Apps

Editing is where various small or wide ranged changes are applied to the photos to give then the designed look. Some of the best photo editor apps for mobile photography are as follows:


VSCO Cam  

One of the best photo editing apps, VSCO Cam presents the classic Fuji and Kodak looks through their film-inspired presents for light-room and aperture. Things that make VSCO Cam favourable is the washed out tones, saturated colours, high contrast black and white. One of its uncommon features is the ability to “rescue” shadows or highlights from turning totally black or white respectively.


Adobe Photoshop Express  

Image flexibility in terms of photo editing in found best in Adobe Photoshop Express. This app also works well for setting levels, for instance recovering the areas of shadows and highlights. The only downside is that there are limited options available for the free version. As for the paid version or after in-app-purchases, all the features are accessible.


Lightroom Mobile   

Lightroom is a tool for serious high-level photo editing. And keeping up with the rising trend of mobile apps, Lightroom Mobile app is another mobile photography app that you must try. Available for both Android and IOS, this app allows easy integration with the desktop/PC version. All the basic functions of the PC version are available in the mobile app. But it is necessary to have a creative cloud subscription for using this app.



Present for both IOS and Android users, this is the handiest one among the mobile photography apps. It is the popular choice because of the easy interface and complete editing in seconds. There are various options available for editing, selective contrast and exposure setting being the remarkable ones. Some other options for creating a variety of special effects are grunge, HDR and Retrolux.



Totally dedicated to image sharing, this social app is one of the best in terms of photo apps. In spite of a limited number of filters in comparison with other apps, the popularity of Instagram is above the rest. It is the simplified form of the app which makes it more popular than rest. And as for availability, Instagram is available for all users of IPS, Android as well as Windows.



Creative Apps

While camera apps and photo editing apps comprise the basis of mobile photography apps, there is this third category of apps which brings out the creative side into action.



The fun filters of Prisma makes this app one of the most creative ones among the mobile photography apps. Using artificial intelligence in editing, Prisma turns the image into a drawing. In short, Prisma enables the user to transform photos into art. A wide range of filters is available for the user to choose from. And furthermore, this app is available for both IOS and Android platforms.



Along with the basic features of editing, Pixlr takes creativity to a new level. Photo collages, colour balancing, double exposure, colour splash, focal blur are some of the common ones. This mobile photography app further lets its users share the edited photos to their choice of social network.



The usage of texts in a picture is increasing with time. Creating overlay or watermark are some of the instances when there is a requirement for this kind of tools. Wordswag enables one to turn ordinary photos to professional quality graphics.



Photography apps let people explore their creative side. These apps make photography easier and create photos even comparable to DSLR images. With the rapid evolution of technology and a variety of mobile photography apps, mobile phones are the best tools to capture the best of the fleeting moments. To know more about the latest apps and technology check here.


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