Valuable Tips for Women Travelling Alone on a Holiday

women travelling alone

While much has been seen and proved by solo female travellers already, still there are many juggling with the apprehensions of ‘women travelling alone’. But fear not; you can go places by yourself and stay absolutely safe and fine. Just have a look at these effective and useful travel tips for the solo expeditors:

Research, Research, and Research!

Planning your holiday is one of the most crucial steps in a safe and sound journey. And, successful planning happens when you know different aspects about your destination. So start researching things like famous tourist spots, availability of transportation, popular adventure sports, etc. Further, knowing things like places to avoid, nightlife, risky activities, and so on will help a lot. Utilise Internet and get a complete idea of the place so as to chart out things smoothly.

Make Bookings in Advance

First things first! When you land at your destination, the very next thing you need would be a taxi. So make sure you have booked one beforehand so that you need not juggle for it. Further, your accommodation, whether you prefer a hotel or homestay, should be pre-booked. Making reservations at late in the night or instantly might not be a good idea.

Stay Comfy

For women travelling alone, it is quite important to stay as comfortable as possible. Get a suitably sized backpack and try to avoid any heavy stuff as it would be difficult to carry. When it comes to clothes, try wearing skin-friendly fabrics. Also, keep your body covered to maximum so that you are saved from bugs in the air, especially during night time.

Leverage Technology

You are a wanderer of the digital age, so why not utilize technology and become a smart female traveller. Install some good apps like online maps, currency converter, roaming apps, dictionary, taxi services, etc. to further ease your trip.

Keep Your Gadgets Ready-to-Use

When it is about using the phone, ensure that it is sufficiently charged, so that your near and dear ones can be contacted whenever required. Keep all the emergency contacts with yourself such as Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, etc.

Carry Things the Smart Way

Keep a digital copy of all your documents such as your Passport, ID proof, travel insurance, etc. so that if printed documents are lost, you can use the ones stored in the cloud. When is about money, prefer carrying credit and debit cards and minimal cash so as to avoid any major loss in case of theft.

Be Decisive

Do not hesitate or feel guilty to say NO whenever you feel uncomfortable in a situation. Trust your instinct and do not take chances. Be it a dinner invitation or a glass of drink offered to you, if you do not feel it right, straightforwardly communicate your refusal.

There are plenty of other travel tips for women travelling alone. I would like you to add your suggestions in the comments section.

Kanika Sharma

Kanika Sharma works as a Content Developer at Ajura. For the past 5 years, she has been writing for various renowned blogs. Being an engineering graduate, her background allows her to connect with cutting edge technologies and relate them with real world scenarios.
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  • Also, don’t forget a selfie stick. and, you can try to make friends with a local before going to the country you will be traveling to. He or she can give you some advice before you leave.
    In some countries, if you wear a fake wedding ring or dress like a local, you will avoid many suspicious looks and questions.

  • the last tip is very helpful for solo woman travelers. you need to be brave enough to protect yourself

  • the last tip is very helpful for solo woman travelers. you need to be brave enough to protect yourself

  • My biggest problem to charge the phone enough.

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