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Cheap International Calls

GSM call rates are expensive and hence mobile users often try to go for international calling plans with their service providers. However, international calling plans don’t prove must affordable for users, who shell hefty amount on international calling.  The alternative is to use Ajura the smart mobile app and make unlimited calls.

Cheap International Calls

International Calling App-Ajura

Calling abroad is now no longer a costly affair as Ajura offers the best rate for calling. This international calling app is available in both Android & iOS platforms and users can sign up using their mobile number. For making a call, one has to have an active data connection-3G. 4G/WiFi.

International Calling Plans

Ajura has several international calling plans for its users, which make it one of the best communication apps. Using Ajura you can make calls to India, US, Mexico, Nigeria etc. at much lesser rate. You can subscribe to any out call packages from Ajura and make long distant calls paying fixed monthly charges.  Another option is to buy credits and pay as per pay as you go model. Here a user will be charged on per minute basis.

Both option of international calling has its advantages-

Pay as you go model: This facility is useful for users who want to call multiple international destinations at low rate.

Out Call Packages: This facility is beneficial for users, who want to make calls to any fixed destinations like  call to Nigeria or call to USA etc.

Cool Features of Ajura

You can enjoy several other cool features of Ajura apart from low international call rates. Some of the exciting features of Ajura includes:

Balance Transfer: User can transfer some or a portion of his balance to another Ajura user, who can utilize the balance for making calls.

Family Sharing: An Ajura user can add other users in a family via family sharing feature. All users in the family can use the account balance of the parent user for making low cost international calls.

Mobile Number Portability: Users can sign up to the app using their mobile number, which makes their mobile number their identity.


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