International Phone Number

International Phone Number is high in demand at present. And this rising demand is due to their usefulness. More commonly known as virtual phone number or global phone number, these telephone numbers are easily available. As these numbers are virtual in nature, therefore any international service provider can offer them.

Virtual phone numbers are DID numbers. DID stands for Direct Inward Dialling. These numbers do not have a connection to a direct phone line. However, they redirect incoming calls to any number. The owner or the user chooses the virtual number to which the calls are redirected.

The virtual phone numbers are an integral part of the cloud telephony or the IP telephony. They help mainly in global telecommunications. Further, international phone numbers benefit serve both personal and business purposes.



What are The Uses of Global Virtual Phone Number

International Phone number serve multiple purposes. And therefore, they also appeal to a large section of people.

The sectors which use global phone numbers are the following.


Individuals: With the increase in the number of traveller, migrants, students travelling overseas for education or jobs, the requirement for the virtual phone number is also growing. The availability of virtual local phone numbers let people from different region and country contact them whenever they need. And the call charges are similar to local call rates thereby saves money on phone bills.


Businesses: For a business to grow, international reach is very important. Hence to cater to international clients, businesses need a local presence. It is necessary to have a local presence because it helps to gain the trust of the client and also removes unnecessary international call charges. Also, it is unprofitable and unreasonable for small businesses to set up offices at international locations.


Virtual Services: Multinational Companies have clients and employees spread all across the world. The virtual global phone numbers help them to connect easily. In addition to ease of connection, the phone numbers also enable the users to access a large variety of services as well.


Marketing: For businesses of every scale marketing is a crucial tool. It increases the reach of the business, makes people aware of the business and therefore eventually helps in generating profits. Hence businesses can use the virtual phone number for promoting reasons. These numbers therefore also help in keeping track of the traffic generation from various sources.



Top 10 Benefits of International Phone Number

International Phone Number offers a great number of advantages. Wondering what are the benefits of a virtual phone number? From reduced phone bills to making a local presence, the virtual phone numbers prove themselves useful for the 21st-century lives.


Here are the Top 10 Benefits or Uses of Virtual International Phone Numbers


Easy Availability & User-Friendly

One can easily purchase virtual global phone numbers. There are many Service providers offering international phone numbers. And as these numbers are virtual in nature, it, therefore, offers the freedom to choose any international service providers as well. Thus, it is recommended that one compares the services and the offers of different providers before selecting one.


Low Cost

While a traditional telephone connection costs much, the virtual numbers cost far less. And there are no lengthy procedures or complicated form filling to get one. Once you contact the service provider, you can communicate with them directly regarding your requirements and also negotiate on the price. And after the payment is done you are ready with the international number. This is how virtual phone numbers help in business.


Save International Call Charges

One important perk of the global phone number is the huge saving on international phone call charges. The virtual number of a specific country eventually results in any local call charges when anyone calls from that country. It is especially helpful for students, migrants who need to keep in touch constantly with people from a different country. And call to the person are similar to local call and hence saves on international call charges.


International Presence for Businesses 

With businesses trying to reach out to international clients, it is necessary for them to have an international presence. However, it is not possible for small or medium-sized businesses to open an office at various international locations. In this scenario, the international phone number comes to help. With the help of these numbers, businesses can create a local presence in a different country and gain the trust of people and add to their growth.


Multiple Country Numbers 

While there are usually limitations regarding the number of telephone numbers that one can use, the virtual numbers have no such limit. Businesses have the freedom to choose and keep as many numbers they need for their functionalities. Multiple numbers help in multiple departments like for example the customer service, the marketing of the product and so on.


Multiple Features

The virtual phone number offers a lot of additional features. These features include all that of the traditional telephony and much more than that. Some of the additional features are call recording, call conferencing, and call forwarding, notifications of SMS and email, attaching audio files to an email and even further customizations in settings.


No Equipment or Hardware 

It’s virtual in nature. And therefore there is no requirement for any equipment or hardware. These global numbers possess the flexibility to work with any mobile phone even multiple phones at a time. Therefore it greatly helps to reduce unnecessary equipment cost. There is also no need to install any extra software for using these phone numbers.


Creating Brand Image

In this aspect, the direct calls and enable recorded greetings feature of the virtual international phone number provide an extra boost to the image of the business. It enables the clients to leave a message or get some information after establishing a connection with the virtual number. Customised greeting to clients, separate business line with respective messages all help to create the professional image for the business.


Virtual Toll-Free Numbers 

A toll-free number is an important tool in businesses. It helps to improve business credibility and also enhances business credibility. Further with a toll-free number where there is no charge, customer satisfaction also increases alongside. It creates a professional image for the business. In this way, smaller businesses can also choose to keep a toll-free virtual international contact number for their services.


24X7 Availability 

In addition to all the advantages of the international phone number, this point is a crucial one for customer services. With international time zones, it gets problematic for businesses to manage their international image. Here, the virtual numbers present a solution.  These numbers eliminate the issues regarding time zones, thereby presenting themselves available 24X7 for making and receiving calls. The round the clock availability is also visible as forwarded calls easily reach the number even when in use. This helps the business retain clients even in case of busy lines.



Global Virtual Phone Number Provider


Owing to the virtual nature of the international phone number, they offer the flexibility to choose the service provider irrespective of their location. There are many service providers offering global number service internationally. And therefore the number of options for the service provider increases greatly.

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