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Call to USA

Do you have friends or relatives in the United States? If yes then, you may need to call to USA frequently. GSM calling being costly, most users prefers to make calls using other internet calling mediums. However, choosing the right application is important for both quality & affordability.

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Best Way to Call USA using Ajura Mobile App

Ajura is the best app that help you call USA at a lower rate compared to other apps. Apart from price, Ajura offers the best voice quality. You will never experience one way voice or jitter buffer while you call USA.

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How to Call United States using Ajura?

You can either chose a specific package for USA or make calls via pay as you go model. Ajura brings attractive US calling package offering users to choose from multiple options.  These packages are offered at a fixed monthly charge, which is extremely low. Once you subscribe to an outcall package, you will get certain number of minutes, which you can use to make calls.

Under Pay as You Go Model, you need to buy credits say 5$, 10$ etc. which you can utilize to make calls to USA. Here, you will be charged on per minute basis as per the rate set by Ajura. Calling rates to US on per minute basis is also very low.

Why to use Ajura compared to other options?

Cheaper than USA calling cards

Ajura is much cheaper that USA calling cards that floats in the market. Moreover, you need not go through the hassle of dialing multiple numbers like access number, Pin number etc.

Better than VoIP calls to USA

Ajura is not only cheaper but also superior in quality that standard VoIP calls to USA. While making a VoIP calls using apps, you will experience problems like delay in voice or call drop. You can never find these kinds of issues in while making calls with Ajura.

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