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Making call to Bangladesh landline & mobile numbers from any international destination is now within your budget using Ajura mobile app. Available on Android & iOS, you can use this app to call your friends, relatives or business contacts based in Bangladesh.

cheap calls to bangladesh

Make cheap calls to Bangladesh with Ajura

In order to make cheap calls to Bangladesh, you need to download Ajura mobile app from Google Play or Apple store and sign up with your mobile number. Once you have registered, you can either make calls to any Bangladesh mobile or landline by purchasing credit. Here, you will be charged as per the Pay as you Go Model, where per minute rate applies. Alternatively, you can purchase outcall package for Bangladesh for making calls. If you buy credit, you can use your credit to make calls to any other country along with Bangladesh. However, if you purchase outcall package, you can only make calls to Bangladesh only. The package cannot be used to call any other country

How to Call Bangladesh

How to Buy Bangladesh Calling Package?

In order to purchase Bangladesh calling package, you must tap on ‘Outcall Packages’ from the left menu of your Ajura app. You can search by country ‘Bangladesh’. Several packages will be displayed on the screen. You can chose any package as per your requirements.

Advantages of using Outcall Packages to Call BD

The advantage of using Ajura Outcall package to call BD is that you will save more compared to when you make calls using the Pay as You Go model. This means more calling minutes to Bangladesh. Apart from cheap call rates, Ajura provides unmatched voice quality.

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