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Making international calls to Nigeria is a pain point due to high call rates of GSM providers. Hence, most people looks for other options to make cheap calls to Nigeria such as calling cards or prepaid cards. However, calling cards has its disadvantages due to the complex process of dialing access number & Pin number.

cheap calls to nigeria

Cheap Calls to Nigeria via Ajura

Making cheap calls to Nigeria is now possible with Ajura mobile application. Available in Android & iOS versions, the app is best for making cheap international calls to Nigeria.

call to Nigeria

How to Call Nigeria using Ajura?

Ajura users can make calls to Nigeria either by purchasing Nigeria Outcall Package or Adopting the Pay as You Go Model.

Nigeria Calling Package:

Outcall packages offers you certain amount of minutes, which you can use to call your friends & relatives based in Nigeria. Out call packages are beneficial for users as these offers you to save more compared to regular Ajura rates or Pay as you go model.

Pay as you go Model:

Under Pay as you Go Model, you can pay per minute basis while making calls to any Nigeria phone number. Even if you opt for the pay as you go model, you can make cheap calls to Nigeria as the call rates are extremely low.  If you want to call multiple countries then this option is best.

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