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Ajura Roaming Options

Incoming on Ajura app: The rate charged for receiving a call on the app.

Incoming on travelling country SIM card: The rate that is charged for receiving a call on SIM card of the visiting country via Ajura.

Mobile Roaming Rates: International roaming charges for receiving a GSM call.

* Disclaimer: The mobile roaming rates mentioned are indicative. To know actual roaming rates, please check with your mobile service provider.

Ajura Roaming Options

Ajura Out: Use this option if you have access to data (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi). Nominal call charges apply.

GSM Callback: Use this option when you want to use internet sparingly or have low quality internet. In this process, when a number is dialled, an inward call is generated from the server's end to the caller. This call is then connected by the server to the recipient.

GSM Callout: This option is best suited when the user does not have internet connection available. Upon selecting this option, the call goes through a local access number of that country from where the call will be connected to the destination. Local GSM call charges applicable. ** This facility is available only in 59 countries.