International Roaming,
At local rates

With our GSM device, experience
unlimited roaming all over the world

GSM Device required for 140 countries only

Roam anywhere across the globe without emptying your pockets on international roaming bills. Introducing GSM Based Device! Just plug in this hardware and you are ready to talk more. No more holding back!

How GSM Device Works

GSM device is a hardware which helps in forwarding calls on ajura while you are travelling abroad. All you need to do is plug in this device, insert your home country SIM card, switch on roaming on the app and you are ready to receive calls at the lowest rates

Device Front Image

Device Front Image

Device Back Image

Device Back Image

Who requires the GSM device to enable roaming in Ajura?

Residents having the mobile number of the following countries will have to use the GSM device to activate roaming and receive calls while travelling abroad

Setting up the GSM Device

Download the manual to learn how to set up the GSM device

Call Flow of the GSM Device

This is how the call being received on the user’s home country mobile number reaches the app while the user is roaming abroad

Ajura Roaming

Right Time to Setup and Activate the GSM Device

Play the video for a detailed understanding to know when you should activate the device

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