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Travelling abroad means picking only important calls, keeping an eye on who you talk to and for how long. If you are a globe trotter and roaming costs are making a hole in your pocket, the Ajura app which creates multiple identities and substantially reduces roaming costs might just be the right solution for you. ...Read More

The app currently supports international incoming call services for 54 countries, including Canada, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Hyderabad: If you are a frequent international traveller, there’s good news for you. Start-up Ajura Pte Ltd has developed a mobile application by the same ...Read More

A trip overseas usually means penny pinching on communication. It means keeping an eye on the phone’s clock watching how long you talk and who you talk to. AjuraPte Ltd from Reve Group has launched a mobile app that takes away the financial burden of making expensive calls home and allows the traveler to stay ...Read More

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Ajura Pte Ltd., publisher of the Ajura mobile app announced today that it has integrated the iOS 10 CallKit feature. Ajura users will now have the calling experience of the native iPhone application when they make or receive calls using the Ajura application. This integration will bring a much improved calling ...Read More

Ajura announced today that iPhone users who are using Ajura app,can now make calls by giving a voice command to Siri. This will be a hands-free calling experience – as the user will only give a voice command and the call will be established automatically by Siri using the Ajura app. There is no need to open the ...Read More

Any international traveller will have felt the pain of high roaming costs. So exorbitant are the charges for roaming calls that the use of both voice and data is typically kept down to a minimum, to be used for emergencies. Surveys show that only 20% of overseas visitors even have their home country mobile switched on ...Read More


TPP Expo 2016

Las Vegas, Aug 09, 2016

TPP Expo is a renowned event with top notch communication firms participating every year. Ajura made its presence felt with pride and earned laurels for its effective and speedy service.

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ITB Berlin 2016

Berlin, Mar 10, 2016

ITB Berlin is the world's largest tourism trade fair where industry's latest travel trends and products are unveiled and discussed. Armed with an innovative concept, Ajura proudly made its presence felt in the exhibition.

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