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Ajura App Now Offers Unlimited International Roaming Calls at a Fixed Price

September 19, 2016

Any international traveller will have felt the pain of high roaming costs. So exorbitant are the charges for roaming calls that the use of both voice and data is typically kept down to a minimum, to be used for emergencies. Surveys show that only 20% of overseas visitors even have their home country mobile switched on when abroad, putting themselves at the risk of missing important incoming calls.

Ajura App, a platform for affordable mobile international roaming calls, from the Reve Group, has added compelling features to a solution already popular in 54 countries. Ajura App allows global travellers, international unlimited incoming calls starting at $3 per day. For an additional charge starting $2 per day they can make unlimited outgoing calls. This is a great relief for international travellers as they pay 5 to 10% of what this would normally cost.

“Our offering removes a major pain point for business and holiday travellers. As the financial burden of receiving and making a call on a business trip or holiday reduces dramatically, travellers will feel liberated,” said Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO, Ajura.

Who is Ajura for? The Ajura app has been developed to meet the needs of travellers globally. It is a boon for millions of travellers from 54 countries going to places anywhere in the world, letting them receive incoming calls and call home for as low as three cents on a Wi-Fi network, when they would otherwise be paying heavily for roaming. Anyone using the Ajura App now doesn’t need to worry about which incoming call to take, even if the caller is not among one’s contacts.

Simple Start Up

All the user needs to do is download the app from the Google Play or the App Store, sign up with one’s mobile number and email, and activate the roaming option before travelling out of the country. A new feature in the app allows the setting up of an alert to the user to activate roaming, say, an hour before departure.

A 24×7 chat facility on the Ajura.com allows customers to interact, including on live chat, with customer care executives for any assistance. Also, a series of local  numbers are operational in Ajura’s major markets—Hong Kong, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

How it works

Ajura detects when a mobile user is online and routes calls to the app. When the user has a local mobile number in the visiting country, the call automatically diverts to that number. A visiting country SIM is not necessary if the user takes all incoming calls on the app, but then the phone number must be connected on a Wi-Fi or data network. A visiting country SIM card however would means getting cheaper data.

Even though messenger applications (WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts and Skype) allows users to make free phone calls over the Internet, those calls are made only over the applications and both the caller and the receiver need to have them installed on their devices — they need to add each other on those applications. With Ajura the receiver alone needs to have the app installed to make a call either to a land line or a mobile number. In case the Ajura user is running low on data the Ajura callback feature can be used for making outgoing calls.

Ajura App can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

About The REVE Group

An award winning telecom, mobility and security products entrepreneurial group, Reve is known for telecom software (VoIP software, switch, billing, mobile apps for IP communications), carrier services (International long distance services, INAANI), live chat software (Revechat), cyber security products (REVE AntiVirus) with development centres in Bangladesh, India and offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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