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Ajura introduces hands-free calling for iPhone users by Siri integration

December 29, 2016

Ajura announced today that iPhone users who are using Ajura app can now make calls by giving a voice command to Siri. This will be a hands-free calling experience – as the user will only give a voice command and the call will be established automatically by Siri using the Ajura app. There is no need to open the app followed by choosing the contacts/pressingthe dial button –hence a complete hands-free experience.

Let’s say; Jack is an Ajura user, who wants to call his mother. All he has to do is activate Siri on his iPhone and say “Call Mom using Ajura” and the call will be connected.

Announcing this new feature, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO of Ajura said“Our current version 1.3.1, which is available on the iTunes store is compatible with Siri. This will allow Ajura iPhone users to make calls using the personal voice assistant of Apple, which will be a complete hands-free experience”

Integration of Ajura with Siri in iOS 10 can be done following few simple steps which includes launching the ‘settings’, tapping on and enabling Siri. This is to be followed by scrolling down and tapping on ‘App Support’ and turning on integration of Siri with Ajura by tapping the toggle button next to Ajura app.

After Apple had gone ahead and opened Siri for integration with third party apps, Ajura has been amongst the few communication apps which have offered the voice assistant feature on its app.

Ajura allows users to save up to 90% on their roaming bill and facilitates them to remain connected on their home country mobile number. In addition to its innovative low cost roaming feature, it offers outcall packages and the facility to buy phone numbers of more than 50 countries, which ring on the home country mobile number of the Ajura users.

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