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Ajura extends its Low Cost Roaming Solution to 200 countries – GSM Device Enables Higher Coverage

April 19, 2017


Ajura has now extended its low-cost roaming services for residents of 200 countries, which makes it the 1st roaming solution in the world to offer with such wide coverage. Prior to March 2017, residents of only 54 countries could avail Ajura roaming solutions but now Ajura has introduced GSM device based roaming which has extended its service coverage.

The GSM device can be used by both iOS and Android smartphone users having Ajura app installed on their phones. Customers can order this device directly through the app and the device would be delivered to the provided address.

Ajura’s CEO, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, quoted, “It brings us great pride in offering such exclusivity to our customers. Our GSM Device will provide customers a hassle-free roaming experience when they travel abroad and want to stay connected to their family and work at all times.”

“The advanced technology behind our GSM Device gives users a smart and simple roaming solution that makes a big difference. Intelligently making use of IP and GSM Wireless network, this device facilitates call forwarding to Ajura app or visiting country’s SIM card”, adds Mr. Chatterjee.

Ajura App, a cost effective roaming solution for international travelers has already ushered in the realm of international roaming. Users of Ajura app can save up to 90% on their roaming bills, which makes it an explicit choice amongst international roamers.

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