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International Roaming

International Roaming

Ajura is a mobile app that has redefined roaming international. It not only saves up to 90% on international roaming charges, but also gives your loved ones the convenience of connecting with you on your regular mobile number, while you are out of country.

So download Ajura-the international roaming app and enjoy low cost global roaming.

Start Roaming


Download Ajura from app store

Sign up

Sign up by entering your mobile number

Activate Roaming

Turn on the 'Roaming' option in the app before boarding your flight

Stay Connected

Receive or make calls through the app or SIM

Ways to receive calls


Receive calls
on the app, when connected to the internet


Receive calls on the SIM card
of the visiting country,
when not connected to the internet

Ajura Global Number

Are you running a global business? Give your customers from around the world the convenience of connecting with you through just a local call. Own Ajura Global Numbers of different countries and receive calls on your local/preferred number.

Ajura Global Number

Click on the 'Ajura Global Number' option in your app

Select Desired Country

Choose the country for which you want to take Ajura Global Number

Make Payment

Make payment through various modes