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What is a Travel SIM Card?

A travel SIM Card is a type of SIM that allows users to receive calls when they are travelling to a foreign country.  Travel SIM card usually carries a UK or US phone number and users usually enjoy free or low cost incoming rates.  This kind of a SIM card requires less documentation to be purchased and can be taken from any country. Travel sim card is known by other names such as roaming sim card.

Benefits of taking a Travel or Roaming SIM Card?



Travel or Roaming SIM cards can be availed from any part of the world. Say if you are a resident of U.K. and travelling to Singapore, it is not possible for you take a SIM of Singapore while sitting in the country of your residence. However, you can take an international roaming sim card while being present in U.K.

Incoming free in many countries

When you use a travel SIM card, you get the benefit of receiving incoming free of cost in many countries, which does away with the need of buying different SIM cards when one visits multiple countries.

Facility of making outgoing calls

When you take international SIM cards, you not only avail the facility of receiving calls but also enjoy the benefit of making outgoing calls.

No need of take Multiple SIMs for multi-country travel

Even if you are traveling to multiple countries you do not need multiple SIM cards. Roaming SIM cards facilitates you to remain in touch with your contacts via a single phone number.

Limitations of a Travel Sim Card


Friends and family who call you, will pay an international call charge

If you take SIM cards for international travel, your contacts will have to make an ISD cal to reach you as these SIM cards bear an UK or US number. So most of your business or personal contacts may avoid calling you due to the fear of bearing high charges.

Take a Local SIM Card

Compared to a travel Sim card, a local SIM Card always prove to be useful as local SIM helps travellers remain in touch with the contacts of the travelling country; example hotel, cab or guides.

Choose Ajura-The International Roaming App

Best and alternative solution to travel Sim card is Ajura mobile app, which helps travellers receive calls on their home country mobile number at 90% lower rate. Travellers can receive calls on Ajura app if they are connected to data. If there is no internet connectivity then users need to take a local sim card to receive calls on it via Ajura.

Ajura works equally best with the local SIM as well as international SIM cards

SIM card + Ajura Local SIM only
Receive calls on your regular number even when you are abroad
No need to share/communicate a new number with your contact list when you travel abroad
Contact makes a local call to reach you while you are abroad