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Travel SIM card

Why it makes sense to buy a SIM card while travelling abroad?

Travelling is one of the most preferred activities when it comes to relaxing. However, keeping in touch back home while travelling abroad has been a matter of concern. Keeping this problem in mind, various companies called mobile virtual network operators or MVNO’s have come up with a solution called a travel SIM card which is a SIM card holding a single number that works in multiple countries. This kind of a SIM card requires less documentation to be purchased and can be taken from any country. The travel sim card is known by other names such as world SIM, global SIM card among others.

Benefits of taking a World SIM/Global SIM Card


Generally, a SIM of a country can be purchased within the geographical boundaries of that particular country only. However, that is not the case with an international sim card as these SIM cards can be availed from any part of the world. Say if you are a resident of U.K. and travelling to Singapore, it is not possible for you take a SIM of Singapore while sitting in the country of your residence. However, you can take an international sim card of Singapore while being present in U.K.

So, if you have senior citizen parents living in your country who are going out on a trip to another country and you are worried how they are going to find a SIM card there, then an international SIM card is what you should gift them.

Ajura sim card

Incoming free in many countries

When you use a travel SIM card, you get the benefit of receiving incoming free of cost in many countries, which does away with the need of buying different SIM cards when one visits multiple countries.

Facility of making outgoing calls

When you take cheap international SIM cards, you not only avail the facility of receiving calls but also enjoy the benefit of making outgoing calls.

No need of taking individual SIM cards while travelling to multiple countries at once

Simultaneously travelling across multiple countries is enjoyable but not so much when one has to keep in touch while on the go. If you take a separate SIM card for each country that you visit, then you will have to take numerous SIM cards during the trip. Furthermore, you will also have to keep updating your contacts with the local SIM no. every time you travel to another country and switch SIM’s. The advantage of taking such a SIM card for international travel is that you use a single number while you travel all the countries.

Facility of availing data with these international roaming SIM card

In case you require data, these international roaming SIM card also offer the same, thereby making your roaming experience convenient!!!

Negatives of taking a global roaming SIM card

As the saying goes ‘there are two sides to every coin’, the same is the case with these international travel SIM card. Until now, the pros of these SIM cards have been stated, now let’s take a look at the disadvantages of these SIM card for international travel. The negatives of taking an international travel SIM card are:

Friends and family who call you, will pay an international call charge

If you take cheap international SIM cards, your contacts will have to make an international call. For e.g. Mr B, a resident of U.S.A. goes on a trip to U.K. and takes a global roaming sim card. So, whenever anyone calls Mr. B from anywhere except U.K., will make an international call to U.K. while Mr. B receives the call free of charge.

Why should you take a local SIM card?

Taking an international SIM card means having a number of a particular country which may or may not be the local number of the country you are visiting. In case it is not the local number of the country you are visiting, then you end up being unreachable for your local guide/friend/hotel of the country you are visiting. For instance, you visit France but have an international SIM card of U.K., in this case if your guide/friend from France wants to contact you, they will be charged for making a long distance call to U.K.

Keeping both the positives and negatives in mind, we recommend that travellers take a local SIM card of the country they visit, whenever they travel abroad. In case an international roaming SIM card is required, users can check rates and call charges before taking the SIM.

Ajura works equally best with the local SIM as well as international SIM cards

SIM card + Ajura Local SIM only
Receive calls on your regular number even when you are abroad
No need to share/communicate a new number with your contact list when you travel abroad
Contact makes a local call to reach you while you are abroad